Our Hubs

Asia Deal Hub is bringing you a digital automated sourcing/matching platform to help corporates and professional firms to identify local partners much easier, faster, and cheaper manner by applying edge digital technologies( such as Automation, Analytics, and AI) and broad professional networks. We bring you 4 dedicated hubs for your specific business needs. With our experience in deal management, we understand that each business has different needs and networks to leverage, therefore, our dedicated hubs will cater to your specific business needs.

The 4 dedicated hubs for your growth


Marketing Hub

The Marketing Hub helps to source potential distributors and customers for your products & services.


M & A Hub

The M&A Hub helps you to seamlessly source potential buyer and sellers for your M&A transaction.


Partner Sourcing Hub

The Partner Hub helps to source potential operational partners who act as a catalyst for your business.


Fundraising Hub

The Fundraising Hub is a go-to place for investments & venture capital funding for your startup.

Our Services

Deal registration Service

User can register its deal and share the deal to other users to originate deal

Deal Search for ADH Database

User can search the existing deals in the platform.

Deal Introduction notification

User can get email notification of new deals.

Deal Push search - Web scraping

User can get potential buyer/seller/partners short lists by using automated research tools.

Deal Push search - Customized deal search

User can get potential buyer/seller/partners short lists by using agent based direct contact search(Interviews).