About Us

Asia Deal Hub is a digital business matchmaking platform, which will drive the partnerships / deals in Asia for everyone. It is a tool for business expansion while contributing to the economic growth in Asia.

Digitization is seen as a catalyst in the business world because it accelerates constant change and development. Asia Deal Hub uses digitization as a change agent in transforming the deal management in Asia. We are a digital partner sourcing as well as matchmaking platform with a mission to help corporates and professional firms to identify the potential partner in ASIA much faster and easier than before.

We will bring a change driven by technology in M&A, Investments, Fundraising, Joint Venture, Alliance between distribution & manufacturing and any kind of partnerships because in business world "deals" are a driver of growth and expansion for all companies. There is a limitation in Asia because of information availability and businesses still use analog way of deal process which is solely dependent on human driven processes. Asia Deal Hub deploys technology in automating the deal process, as a result, the process becomes faster and effective. technology gives Asia Deal Hub an edge over the analog deal management processes which still exist in the business world in Asia.

Management Team

Our management team has decades of experience in professional firms such as private equity funds, investment banks, management consulting with broad range of expertise to help corporate clients to develop partnerships across industry verticals. Team has deep knowledge and experience in the development of the B-to-B SaaS platform applications, building go-to-market strategy and network across Asia. With the combination of subject matter, Technology and Partnership model expertise with strong and broad network in ASEAN, our management team has a vision to drive ADH to a leading hub to support corporates and professional firm clients to originate required partnership in ASIA.

Our Services

Deal registration Service

User can register its deal and share the deal to other users to originate deal

Deal Search for ADH Database

User can search the existing deals in the platform.

Deal Introduction notification

User can get email notification of new deals.

Deal Push search - Web scraping

User can get potential buyer/seller/partners short lists by using automated research tools.

Deal Push search - Customized deal search

User can get potential buyer/seller/partners short lists by using agent based direct contact search(Interviews).