M&A Hub

Our M&A Hub is a digital platform to help to identify buyers and sellers across the major industries which gives your M&A needs a varied choice for a right partners by combining digital technologies and local professional networks. Your deal sourcing process is powered by digital technologies such as analytics and AI in Asia Deal Hub, which makes the time in each process hassle free. Our deal life cycle has been designed keeping in mind the factors like, transparency, accuracy, reliability etc which matters to business environment the most, for its success.

M & A Hub



For corporates/Investors looking for investment target companies for acquisition



For corporates/Investors looking for investors for buyers of specific companies



For professional firms such as consulting/law/accounting/advisory firms supporting buyer or seller for client

M & A Hub Services

Deal registration Service

Buyer /Seller deal registration.

Deal Search for ADH Database

Search DB of the existing M&A buyer/seller deals.

Deal Introduction notification

New M&A deal information will be sent out.

Deal Push search - Web scraping

Identify potential buyers/sellers with expected profile.

Deal Push search - Customized deal search

Identify potential buyers/sellers who has interests to the products/services.